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So this is my Sims 3 journal. I'll be posting photos, random thoughts, maybe some CC (just getting the hang of that). I'm also going to be posting my writing here.

So..uh...enjoy...I guess.
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I only occassionally check out simsecret. I'm never in the know enough to get most of the secrets anyway. But I'm glad I checked it out today 'cause someone wrote a very nice secret about my little story. Thank you very much secret maker, whoever you are.
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Working on the next chapter and I don't think it's a spoiler to say that the story relies heavily on flashbacks. This entire storyline with Jamie I'd written just didn't fit with the overall flow. But it's important so I couldn't just drop it. So I turned it into an interlude instead. 

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Got Generations a few days ago, and I think it's pretty fun. It's strange for me getting a new expansion without a new World to play in, but other than that, it adds a lot to the game. Makes kids much more fun.

Since the game didn't come with a World, I just downloaded a new custom one, Queenstown, and started a new game. The family I'm playing is the Winchesters; Sam (yes, that Sam Winchester), his wife Suzy (who's really one of the many versions of Vanessa from [post] mortem I have floating around) and their kid Malcolm.

Malcolm loved to play, so I got a good use out of a lot of the new fun things for kids to do, like the Costume Box. Here he is as a T Rex. Rawr!

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Remember that last post? Well, I got the charger today and with some prodding the old laptop turned on. Getting all my files off now. Yay!
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Good news, I got a new laptop. Bad news it's because my old one died. It shut off and will not turn back on. I think the problem is the charger. I was already having problems with the battery, and with the charger not working either, there's no way it'll turn on. I've been waiting four days for a new one to arrive, and hopefully it'll be here soon. But there's no guarantee that's even the issue. It could be a lost cause.

So what does all this mean for my little story?

I have nothing backed up. No saved games, none of the sims, nothing. I had multiple copies of my saved games on my old laptop, but that does me no good now. I'm pretty sure a friend of my dad's who's an IT guy can get all my stuff off even if the laptop's dead (he's done it before), but it'll be awhile before he'll do it I'm sure. When you get IT work done for free, it's not always fast.

So it may be awhile before any more [post]mortem hits the web. Maybe the charger will get here tomorrow and I'll be able to transfer everything to my new laptop with no problems. I hope so. There is so much on that laptop I need. If nothing else, I learned to finally back up my stuff. You'd think I would've learned by now considering all the computers I've gone through over the years, but whatever. Got a portable hard drive ready and waiting to hold all my stuff once I can get it all back.

On the bright side, this new laptop runs the Sims much better than the last one. And just in time for Generations too. And my Late Night disc was stuck in the old laptop and I finally got it out today. (Hint, it involved a paper clip.)

Anyway, whatever happens, I'll keep everyone updated. :(
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I'm alive!!!

So, I graduated and I'm starting my first real job soon. Yay for me. For you that means I will have more time to work on this story, which I had to put aside for the past few months unfortunately. I'm working on the next chapter, which is going to be extra long to make up for the absence. I really appreciate the people who read this story and comment on it. And if you're still out there waiting on the next chapter, I want what you're waiting for to be worth it.

Anyway, turns out I missed a lot of new stuff while I was away. There's a new EP coming out like next week. Someone figured out poses, and everyone went pose crazy. Been having a lot of fun playing with those. I wish some of the poses had better facial expressions, most of them are kind of blank in my opinion, but there are so many new things I can do with my photos now. Exciting!

So I threw Delia and Max in a room and played around with some poses 'cause I can. I don't know what to call this one. Something with Spring in the title. I don't know. They're pretty.

Oh, and new banner too! See you all in a week or so with a new chapter. Thanks again for waiting.

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Finally finished writing the next chapter today. I kept changing my mind on how it would go considering all the plot threads I have going on right now. So expect it to be up by the end of the week. Until then, enjoy some photos of the mysterious and maybe crazy Crawford because I felt like playing around with some make up and accessories.

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Photo shoot! Haven't done one of these for awhile. I found this retro house while doing my daily downloading, and I was inspired to snap some photos of my simmies in 1950s garb. As an aside, everything in these photos is by EA. All the furniture, patterns, clothes, hair, acessories. Everything. I believe the only thing that isn't EA is the eyeliner. And oh yeah, one shirt Delia wears. I remember the days in Sims 2 when I wouldn't be caught dead putting my sims in EA/Maxis stuff. I love when things change for the better.

As always these photos are just for fun and do not affect the story.

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I have eight of these things, so if anyone wants one, just comment and I'll reply with the code. I'll update this post when/if they're all gone.
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First new chapter of the new year! This is a long one. The longest one ever in fact. I tried a little something different with this one. It plays with the idea of real time (like on the show 24) a little. It all (well most of it) takes place on one Saturday (hence the title) and at certain time intervals I show what the characters are up to in real time. Despite this conceit it's really not much different than the other chapters. Just a little New Years flair I guess.

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Note: This special is a Christmas treat for everyone who's been patiently waiting for a new installment. This special is not quite a chapter and it's much longer than an interlude. It's more of a side story then. However, it will be considered canon because...well, you'll see why when you read it.

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So, it's been almost a month and no new chapter. Well, there are several reasons for that.

1) Just like last time there was a delay, school is a factor.

2) I had some game issues when I installed Late Night. As in, my save game got borked. I tried everything, but I couldn't get it back. I had a back up, it was a little old. So I have all my sims, but I lost some of my sets. It's not that bad, as all the ones I lost aren't ones I use often. But it's not exactly the best news ever.

So what does that mean for you dear reader? I'm hoping I can get the next chapter out over Thanksgiving. Hoping. At the very least it'll be an interlude. Until then, I have some pretty pictures to tide you over. I was fooling around with the new FX machine and Twallan's Debug Enabler since the Chaos painting I use to take my photos hasn't been updated for Late Night yet. The photos were so pretty, I made it into a little photo shoot. I call it Fall into the Gap 'cause they remind me of those new Gap ads.

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 After a looooong week, I went out and bought Late Night today. To get to the point, I love it. There are glitches as always, but I had a lot of fun exploring Bridgeport today with my test simmies.

I was most excited about creating a band and hitting up all the clubs. So I created a band of Virtuoso Party Animals. And not just any band, Sex Bob-omb from Scott Pilgrim. That's right, Scott, Stephen Stills and Kim Pine. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do Universal a favor and see the criminally underseen film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Or read the graphic novels. Or do both. They're all great.

Anyway, I set up my sims in an apartment, got them some instruments and let them loose on Bridgeport.

We are Sex Bob-omb! 1! 2! 3! 4! )
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So this interlude wasn't always an interlude. I wanted to do something Halloween-esque, even though it's Spring in [post] mortem time. It started out as a Rocky Horror themed photo shoot (I've watched the movie three times in the last few weeks after discovering it was on Netflix Instant Watch), but somewhere down the line it became an interlude instead. I think it's the longest one I've done so far. I like to think of it as a bridge between the chapter I posted last week and the next one.

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